Since our inception in 1987, Actlabs has strived to identify and develop new innovative technologies that could be implemented and innovated with the help of our customers.

As a result of our history of innovation, Canada’s Minister of State for Science and Technology presented Actlabs with a certificate recognizing us as a Canadian Innovation Leader.

Actlabs specializes in acquiring the latest technology and adapting this technology to help solve our customer’s problems. In the inorganic field, Actlabs has grown over the years to adopt a number of technologies and we now have the widest array of instrumentation in the industry. We have used these technologies to develop low cost, high quality multi-element analytical packages for Lithogeochemistry, Hydrogeochemistry, Biogeochemistry, PGE analysis, Soil Gas Hydrocarbons (SGH), Enzyme Selective Extractions, and the Bioleach Selective Extraction. These technologies have been used to help discover mineral deposits of the future and to aid in geological research. When these new technologies are linked with our other analytical techniques such as atomic absorption, XRF, ICP, Fire assay, and combustion infrared techniques, Actlabs has the required toolbox to solve most inorganic problems.

Actlabs has also developed several innovative technological improvements to traditional agriculture services. Some of these innovative services include disease diagnostic tests and GLP pesticide services for crop and soil dissipation studies.