For convenience and to improve turnaround time, a sample submittal sheet (Request for Analysis) can be filled out on-line or downloaded and e-mailed.

Make sure to include carrier or shipment method and the waybill number so that we can track delayed shipments. Instructions for report and invoice distribution should also be included with each shipment. Filling out a Request for Analysis form will provide all of the information required.

Please ensure all samples are identified clearly with sample numbers. This can be accomplished with waterproof ink on the sample bags or with sample tags in the sample bags. Turnaround time will be improved by packaging samples in order, neatly in shipping containers and providing an accurate sample list, with a hard copy with the shipment and an electronic copy sent by e-mail. Sample submissions poorly labelled or packaged, or having incomplete or no submission sheets may not be processed until adequate written instructions are received from the client and may incur additional sorting charges. If you need to ensure proper chain-of-custody documentation, use our Chain-of-Custody Record instead of the Request for Analysis and submit the completed form with your samples.

If using pop top vials or glass bottles, ensure that they are taped shut and protected from breakage. Sealed plastic bags are best for shipping pulps. Complimentary shipping labels are available upon request. Heavy duty plastic sample bags, cloth sample bags, soil envelopes and sample books are available at cost.

For most efficient delivery, we recommend the use of couriers, or transport companies for heavier shipments e.g., Fedex, Purolator, TNT, DHL, UPS. If shipping to our lab in Ancaster, Ontario, using Bus Parcel Express, the bus station of destination is Hamilton.

Samples should be shipped to:

Activation Laboratories Ltd.
41 Bittern Street
Ancaster, Ontario
Tel: 1.905.648.9611
Fax: 1.905.648.9613

Information for waybill (for samples originating from outside of Canada):

Mineral Samples for Analysis
No Commercial Value
Value for Customs: CDN$5.00
Canada Customs Tariff: HS 2617.90.00.00
Customs Broker: Thompson Ahern & Co Ltd

For pricing, please inquire by contacting