Much of the world is covered with ancient glacial debris, windblown sand or great depths of cover rock and conventional techniques have already found the easily discovered surface deposits.

Thus, technologies were needed to see further into the Earth in order to discover new ore deposits. SGHSM was one of the solutions “to see through” this overburden or cover rock which masked the deposits.

SGHSM is a proprietary technology developed by in collaboration with Canadian Mineral Research Organization (CAMIRO), the governments of Ontario, Manitoba, Alberta, and Canada, as well as twelve major mining companies. The SGHSM geochemistry built off the 1995 GC/MS technology. The first project of SGHSM development (1997-1999) was conducted in collaboration with 12 major mining companies and demonstrated that the SGHSM concept was highly successful. A second project (1999-2001) was conducted, in collaboration with leading geo-microbiological experts, to provide scientific evidence that could explain the link between the mineral deposits and the measured SGHSM signals. This research was a critical link in the understanding of the geochemistry. We began marketing this technology in 2003.