Overnight delivery by couriers is recommended.

ICS, an Insurance Courier Service may not be adequate unless the investigator specifically asks for proper chain-of-custody documentation. The ideal fire debris sample is approximately fist size and the container should be no more than two-thirds full.

Liquid samples should not be shipped as the shipment of hazardous goods requires special training. Liquids that may be suspected of being an ignitable liquid should be sampled differently. While at the scene, the investigator is encouraged to take a sample of suspect liquids. To do this, wet a white small portion of paper towel or place a paper towel on the surface of the suspect liquid to soak up a sample. This is also the best method of sampling any rainbowing of a suspect liquid. This small quantity that may or may not be an ignitable liquid is not considered a hazardous waste in shipping. Any unknown liquid type samples should be packaged in a separate box/package to ensure against cross contamination. Do not identify any samples on courier description as “may contain paint thinner” or similar ignitable liquid as this may trigger shipping problems.

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