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White Paper: Elemental Impurities in Pharmaceutical Products. Changes to USP <231>

These changes to the General Chapters were scheduled to be made official in December 2012.  However, USP recently announced a slight postponement in order to adjudicate some concerns.  However, it is now expected to still be placed in the General Chapters in early 2013 and these changes will become mandatory in MAY 2014.  This should leave adequate time to prepare, however these changes could represent significant new and different workload and testing regimes for manufacturers and developers alike.  Trust Actlabs Life Sciences to begin assisting you with this testing now.  With a long heritage and expertise in ICP analysis (20 years) we are very well positioned to assist.  With 8 ICP/OES instruments and 12 ICP/MS instruments in our Ancaster facility alone, Actlabs can offer available capacity, exceptional compliance and cost effective turnaround for all your elemental impurity analyses.

White Paper

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