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Located in the city of Coquimbo, this new high-tech laboratory in Chile opened with the aim in offering all analytical services offered by Activation Laboratories Ltd.

ACTLABS COQUIMBO., joined the Chilean market by presenting a new concept in geochemical laboratories.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality analysis and innovative technologies for samples in various commercial sectors (mining, environmental, agriculture and pharmaceutical); our emphasis will be on the mining sector. We will assist and integrate our services to provide fundamental support for decision making in the stages of exploration and exploitation.

We will compete in the market with reliable results, short response times, confidentiality, web access for results and a highly qualified team.

In Chile we now offer sample preparation, aqua regia, 4 acid digestion, sequential copper, fire assay (AA and Gravimetric) as well as multi-element ICP/OES and ICP/MS.

NEW!!! Coquimbo Chile - ISO CERTIFIED NEW!!
Chile Geological Schedule of Services and Fees

ISO 17025 Certificate - Coquimbo, Chile (Spanish - Minerals)
ISO 17025 Certificate - Coquimbo, Chile (Spanish - Environmental)
ISO 9001:2015 Certificate - Coquimbo (Spanish)

ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate - Antofagasta, Chile (Spanish) 

Avenida La Cantera Nº2270
Galpon 1 y 2
Coquimbo - CHILE
Fonos: +
Fonos: +
Fono Fax: +011.56-51-278358
E-mail: informacion@actlabs.com

Av Las Piritas 12450, Barrio CIE, Galpon Nº 12
Chimba Alto
Antofagasta - CHILE
Fonos: +
Fonos: +
E-mail: informacion@actlabs.com

Parcela 3
Costado Poniente Ruta 5 Norte
Piedra Colgada
Copiapo - CHILE
Fonos: +
Fonos: +
E-mail: informacion@actlabs.com

Actlabs cuenta con nuevas instalaciones en CopiapóRevista Quimica Industria & Mineria   - Febrero 4, 2015

link: files/ISO_9001_2015_Coquimbo.jpg

Actlabs Coquimbo - Sample Preparation

Actlabs Coquimbo - Sample Weighing

Actlabs Coquimbo - Fire Assay

Actlabs Coquimbo - Wet Chemistry

Actlabs Coquimbo - AA
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