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Forms & Brochures

Techniques and Methods Available at Each Actlabs Facility
Canadian Schedule of Services and Fees
International Services and Fees
European Union Fees and Services
Request for Analysis forms
Chain Of Custody (PDF)
Chain of Custody (fillable PDF)
Bioleach brochure
Enzyme Selective Extraction brochure
Lithogeochemistry brochure
Spatiotemporal Geochemical Hydrocarbons (SGH) brochure
Geochemical Exploration in Areas of Thick Glacial Overburden:
SGH Fact Sheet
SGH Sampling Information - June_2010
SGH - Get the most out of your Orientation Survey
SGH - An Economical Geochemistry for Difficult Times
SGH - Exploration for Petroleum and Gas Plays - 2007 Presentation
SGH Diamond Exploration handout
Biogeochemistry handout
Clay Speciation handout
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